Turning mobility data into valuable insights

The data-centric platform for mobility data fusion and predictive analytics



Integrating multiple data sources produces more consistent, accurate, and useful information than that provided by any individual data source. We integrate your proprietary data from all relevant sources within your organisation and augment it with essential external data.


Analytics is instrumental in turning mobility data into valuable insights. We combine the latest machine learning and AI algorithms with advanced transport modelling and simulation to enable forecasting, optimisation, and predictive analytics for the results you need.


Your organisation needs to answer complex questions quickly by bringing the right data to the people who need it. Our data visualisation provides a high degree of data interactivity so that you can visually filter, compare, and correlate data at the speed of thought.


We are developing our core technologies in collaboration with leading research institutions.


We empower real-time data-driven decisions and operations based on mobility data fusion, analytics, and visualisation.